Achim Fischel studied at the Kunst- und Werkschule Pforzheim (today HFG), painting with Prof. Rothe and sculpture with Prof. Seidel.

He is also developed an interest in other artistic faculties such as jewelry, enameling and casting metal.

When Prof. Rothe retired, he continued his studies in painting with G. Mosny, the “Meisterschüler” of Willi Baumeister.

Fischel continued to work as he had learned from Rothe, drawing everything he encountered: animals in the zoo in Karlsruhe, farmers in their fields, replicas of antique art, and illustrating texts.

After a time of observing Fischel’s work, Mosny said to him: “You can draw like Michelangelo; do something else; make an interesting drawing! Experiment!”

A little begrudgingly and with a certain skepticism, Fischel got down to work again and after some time, he realized how difficult it is to make a drawing that consists only of lines and planes and abstract structures. He was fascinated.

Fischel returned to working with figures, but he modified them in such a way that were no longer recognizable. After a short time, Mosny gave him his own Atelier, a privilege extended only to him.

When Mosny became ill, Fischel took over the teaching of the other students. Apparently they accepted his new role and teaching methods because Fischel still has friendships with some of these students today. Later Fischel’s professor asked for his help with one particular project: to construct a ceramic wall for an indoor swimming pool.

With the money that Fischel earned from this project, he financed a trip to the United States: New York, Chicago, and then with the train cross country to Los Angeles. He got a California driver’s license and drove a friend’s Ford Thunderbird to San Francisco, through Yosemite National Park, to Monterey, etc. He saw Picasso’s Guernica before it was put under glass and a large Matisse exhibition at a time when it held little interest for the general public.

After completing his education, Fischel tried to find a gallery for his work, but without success.

He worked in various advertising agencies, in industry, and then became self-employed. He decided to earn as much money as possible so that he could work exclusively as an artist by the age of 40.

The beginning of 1979 was difficult. It took him two years until he could make paintings with which he was satisfied. Everything he had made previously, he destroyed. There are only perhaps four or five works from his entire time in Pforzheim that still exist.

His first exhibition in 1982 in the well-known Karlsruher Galerie Haus 11 of Beate Nieschlag-Spicale and a report in the magazine “ART” brought him professional recognition. Many exhibitions followed, in and out of Germany; and collectors, museums and galleries bought his work.

In addition to his painting, Achim Fischel makes objects, computer drawings, and time and again, jewelry and ceramics.

Achim Fischel lives in Karlsruhe.